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CORE Application Development

At the heart of my last generation of applications was CORE; Customizable Object Runtime Engine. The last major installation utilizing CORE 1 was in 2010, for fabricline.com, and future installations using this version of CORE have been halted.

CORE 2 *is* still under development, and should be ready for launch by the end of 2018. Some major changes/additions to CORE 2 include:
  • Central Server Subscription Packages
  • *Offline* Purchase Options for Standalone Installations
  • Different Levels of Activation for basic/intermedate/advanced interface
    • CORE2-5 -- Basic, Customizable, 5-page style system
    • CORE2-50 -- Blogger's system - More advanced, handles support for users and basic PayPal interaction
    • CORE2-100 -- Total Commerce system
  • Simple to use Interface for adding modules/applications
  • Double redundant user and group permissions
  • Easy PayPal integration for commerce sites
  • New Database connection modules for MySQL support
  • Complete depreciation of the MD5 random element
Subscription Packages will check in each use for updates to the system, alerting for any changes and updates to unmodified CORE files. Users will receive their initial CORE package rendered to them and their credentials, helping to maintain a secure system.

**Offline** packages will be the same as Subscription Packages, but will be a one time price, and will not call-home to check validity of license. Users will receive a general rendered version of CORE to work with, and it is not upgradable. Users would have to reinstall with a fresh CORE package for future upgrades. Minimal Update support for major bugs/fixes.


Pricing is not set in stone yet, but right now we are looking at the following:
  • CORE2-5 -- $5.00/Mo or 180 One Time Standalone
  • CORE2-50 -- $10.00/Mo or 360 One Time Standalone
  • CORE2-100 -- $20.00/Mo or 720 One Time Standalone
First Month is always free for new users. Try it before you buy it, upgrade later for the difference! Once you reach the One-Time price in subscription, you will be offered a buyout option to receive the Standalone replacement. Future upgrades of Standalones offered at 50% the Standalone Purchase Price for returning users.
(New Versions will be approximately every 2-3 years)
Please Pardon the Dust
Eventually, my site will contain the ability for users to log-in, check their account status, and make requests... all from within my site. However... right now, between courses to expand my horizon into Energy Management and Digital Controls Logic and Making Renovations on my house in Eugene, as well as the occasional update for clients... the design for my own site has taken a back-seat role.
Contact Candice Siegfried: quixjote@gmail.com