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Personal Budgeting Help (Range: 15 Miles Radius Around Newberg, OR)

Disclaimer: I am not a professional debt consolidator, or financial advisor. However I can and have helped many people bring their budgets into order to help them with their financial goals. I have worked with individuals making as little as $10,000/yr to individuals making well over $100,000/yr. Sometimes all someone needs is an outside view to get things sorted out.

What I will do for you:
I will go over your incomes, expenses, and debts with you; line by line if necessary, and help you come up with a budget plan based on YOUR needs. From there I will provide you with your customized plan, as well as some resources to help you succeed in your plan.

To make this work:
You will need to be completely open with me. How much you make, your general spending habits (Good and Bad) as well as a willingness to make your plan work. Do you spend $200/month on coffee drinks? Do you really need to? How can we cascade your payments of debt collectors to get you all current and out of debt the soonest?

You have options.
Now, obviously I can sit down one time with you and help you develop a budget and provide you with resources... and that may be all you need. But for others, sometimes they need or want a little bit more followup with their goals. An accountability partner or encouragement.

***** $15 *****
is the most basic budget plan available. This is also the most generalized plan available. Basically I come with a sheet that we go over together and you can start to see where your money is being spent. Nothing complex, but great to start to get a visual. 30 min Session

***** $49 *****
You and I sit down and go over all your income and expenses. We get this all down on paper so you can see where your spending habits are and can start making changes yourself as necessary. This is a great option for those that are able to make changes once they see current habits, but may not always recognize where they are spending money to begin with. Generally a 1-3 hr session.

***** $99 *****
I will help you get your budget in order. Go through all papers you bring with you and come up with the best plan for your own situation. In this method I do my best to make sure you get some spending money for yourself, as well as being able to start stashing money away for a rainy day fund. This option is great for people that wish to have a few game-plans laid out and then all they have to do is follow them. Requires detailed information up front though and receipts help for us to categorize your spending. Generally 2-6 hr session

***** $49 *****
If you purchase the above $99 package, you can have a followup for $49 within 60 days of the initial plan creation. This will allow for revisions to be made to your budget plan in case there was valuable information that was missed during the first session. Usually this goes much faster than the initial session since most of your data is already in place. Generally a 2-4 hr session. (Repeatable every 60 days for current customers)

***** $299 *****
This is our $99 plan, as well as 5 follow-ups every 2 months for a year. With this package you save $45 than if you bought the updates individually. Additional revision sessions during the same year cycle are available at a discounted rate of $42.50 each

***** $499 *****
This is our $99 plan, as well as 11 follow-ups every month for a year. With this package you save $138 than if you bought the updates individually. Additional revision sessions during the same year cycle are available at a discounted rate of $35.00 each

To those on limited funds: While I need to make a living to support myself... I am understanding that there are many that the $99 plan is too much. Obviously this is the plan that would help you the most initially, so if finances are getting in the way of working with me... Please contact me first. Let me know your situation and I may be able to help.

Please Pardon the Dust
Eventually, my site will contain the ability for users to log-in, check their account status, and make requests... all from within my site. However... right now, between courses to expand my horizon into Energy Management and Digital Controls Logic and Making Renovations on my house in Eugene, as well as the occasional update for clients... the design for my own site has taken a back-seat role.
Contact Candice Siegfried: quixjote@gmail.com