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Interested in having a 3D View of your house or apartment? Trying to see what that kitchen additon with crown moulding would look like? Send me your sketches or ideas with the measurements you know and watch your ideas get turned into something truely amazing!

Because each project is different, prices are done on a quote system. If you would preferre to have something designed on a per-hour basis, my rate is $25/hr for 3D Design. For quoted prices though, different price ranges are available depending on level of detail, and if you want a full rendered (Almost photo quality) of your design. Here are a few examples of my work as well as what I would have charged for that project

This was a model for an energy effecient home that could be self sustained.

This is actually from the model used to create my own kitchen, then details added along with lighting and rendered. Very time intensive, but gives the most realistic view.

Sometimes you just need to see how a project will pan out with the raw materials.

This is actually from the model used to create my house, which was then submitted to my builder and was code-ready. Very time intensive, but allowed for minimal change requests during building. Model includes trim and outlets/switch locations for all rooms as well as crown moulding.
Please Pardon the Dust
Eventually, my site will contain the ability for users to log-in, check their account status, and make requests... all from within my site. However... right now, between courses to expand my horizon into Energy Management and Digital Controls Logic and Making Renovations on my house in Eugene, as well as the occasional update for clients... the design for my own site has taken a back-seat role.
Contact Candice Siegfried: quixjote@gmail.com