Quixjote's Workshop. Candice Siegfried, Jill of Many Trades.
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Past Projects:

Showtimetack.com Built in 2008 for Jerry Kaplan, now under new management.

Fabricline.com 2009-2015, Largescale custom home-brew project for Wilson Bright at Rose City Textiles utilizing my own CORE application environment, Under New Management Decemeber 2016.
Top Features:
  • Customer Account Control
  • Company Control
  • Customer/Company Associations
  • Email Control
  • Inventory Control
  • Website Marketing Management
  • User Templates for Custom Pages on site
  • Accounting/Reporting
  • Shipping Control
  • Warehouse Control with Barcode Scanning Location System
  • Security Monitoring for possible hack attempts
  • Consignment Control
  • Ability to Control large groups of similar type items

Please Pardon the Dust
Eventually, my site will contain the ability for users to log-in, check their account status, and make requests... all from within my site. However... right now, between courses to expand my horizon into Energy Management and Digital Controls Logic and Making Renovations on my house in Eugene, as well as the occasional update for clients... the design for my own site has taken a back-seat role.
Contact Candice Siegfried: quixjote@gmail.com